Fun With Food

The Robot Klan has had a great time this week designing illustrations for the upcoming launch of Animal Box Wild Goodness. Staff got involved with creating fun 'food landscapes' for the new website, advertising material and supporting point of sale required by Animal Box. A tight budget meant recycling as many images as possible, quite…
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Lost and Taken

Sometimes finding a great texture can be difficult, especially when you don’t want to fork out for an expensive stock library image. There are many free stocks out there but many require either attribution or can only be used for personal use. Lost and taken provides a range of textures and all of them are…
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Creating an interactive survey is now easy task when the topic is death. The University of Sydney and UNSW worked with the Robot Klan on a survey that was to be sent out to families whose loved ones had passed away while at work. A difficult topic, requiring a design that was clear, simple to…
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