Bisley Workwear Brand Guidelines

Bisley required a fresh look at the branding and how this branding would bring the brand purpose, vision and mission to life.

The in-depth guidelines were created to ensure a cohesive and distinguishable approach that stands out from its competitors.

These guidelines create a document that ‘is’ the essence of Bisley Workwear. 


The Concept

Make it beautiful and memorable.

 This 60 page booklet looks at every area of the Bisley brand: The logos, the fonts, colours (primary and secondary), the image style, and all areas in between, and extends on the exploration of how to apply this branding.

Bisley Brand Guidelines

Awareness and consistency build trust and confidence.

Under the Bisley brand umbrella sits a selection of sub brands. This guidelines document also allows these brands to be explored, and an understanding gained on how to correctly apply these brands to ensure the consistent brand messaging and essence is maintained. 

Be cohesive and distinguishable from the competitors.

Once created this document contains the essence of the Bisley Workwear brand, and was to be printed as a beautiful document that would stay on desks, coffee tables in offices and become the cornerstone of the Bisley Workwear team.

Bisley Brand Guidelines

The Conclusion

that work

The Bisley Guidelines became a workable document constantly referred to by all staff, suppliers, customers and marketing heads.

It is the essence of the brand, aiding in the successful application of the brand across all print and digital.

Bisley Brand Guidelines
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